Lease Returns in New York or New Jersey

We Accept All Lease Returns in NY or NJ

At the end of your lease contract, you will need to decide whether you want to buy the vehicle outright or return it. In the vast majority of cases, customers in New York or New Jersey will decide to complete the lease return process so that they can get a new vehicle to enjoy for the next several years. The steps involved with a lease return aren’t very complex, but it is important that they are done right to avoid any issues. Our team is here to work with you throughout the lease return process, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Whether you got your original lease from us, or from another dealership, we can help complete your lease return.

Working Hard to Keep Your Costs Low

Part of the lease return process is having the vehicle inspected to ensure there aren’t any issues. In most situations, normal wear and tear is to be expected, but if there are any extreme issues, it may result in a penalty depending on your lease. In addition, if you have gone over your allotted mileage, you may have to pay as well. While some of these types of expenses are set based on the contract, we will always do what we can to keep your costs down, or even eliminate them entirely, so you don’t have any unexpected costs when returning your lease.

Fast and Easy Lease Returns

While the lease return process can seem daunting at first, the fact is it really isn’t too difficult as long as you are working with the right team. Here at New Auto Lease Online, we have helped many people throughout the area with their auto lease returns, and we know how to ensure everything goes smoothly. It is always best to start the lease return steps at least a few weeks, if not months, in advance so there aren’t any issues. If you’re ready to begin your lease return, please contact us at 347-848-1133 today.

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